Monday, 2 January 2012

Aare deepam

Aare deepam : What is life? What is life in a light? Why an oil lamp before god glows more or flashes high and illuminates at the end. 

One person (friend of mine) very busily engaged during his hay days and later with moderate earning, gave up his work and settled like me in a region somewhere usually people does not understand. I asked that man like this, “During your age you never folded your hands, never talked about god, never lighted up a lamp before god, never uttered any sthotras and now you started all these things… why are you doing all now?” For that he replied, “True, I never thought of god before and now, I wanted to complete that work also which I never attempted so far and neglected.” His reply was like that. really he is pursuing the last work also with vigour. Life really wants to complete all its energies just like a cotton thread in a lamp before god burns to consume and exhaust all of its oil completely and at the end it glows more just like praying god some thing unknown vigorously. People also knowingly or unknowingly are attracted towards spirituality at the end and illuminate more just like deepam glowing more and high at the end. For what is life - you can take it as oil in the form of energy in a burning lamp and god bestowed chaitanya in the beings. The illumination can be seen also in flourishing, prospering beings. That flashing turns towards god and glows more at the end.

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