Friday, 6 January 2012


Three things I found for sharing among fellow beings and they are Food, Knowledge and Love. Guru Ramana used to share the available food with him in equal parts among all his associates. Some times they used to get very little food in making it equal. They used to satisfy with that little food but they enjoyed the equality with Ramana. Since food is considered as parabrahma swaroopa itself fellow beings who share equally are very great and sharing the same gives so much of joy among the shared.But available food is limited with us and we can share it very less. We are not able to share it like Guru Ramana.However, we serve food to our visitors. I hope that is different.

Next available thing is Knowledge. Knowledge is some thing invisible equal to divinity in its limitlessness and fellow beings acquire and discern it in typical styles and fashions. It can be shared and the sharers have bounden obligation to respect the knowledge of others and then only sharing is possible and the purpose of sharing is avoiding ego and the said purpose is served among the sharers of knowledge.

Love is simple, pure and divine and visible in mental plane alone certainly. Love is natural. It appears in all living beings humans or animals. Without love there is no creation at all as I believe. Love beyond bodily urge alone is counted here. No knowledge is necessary to hold it. Fortunate are those who love others and be loved by others. Love cannot be defined easily. It is not expensive like food and knowledge. Fellow beings have to spend and drive away their ego only to acquire it or share it. 

Sharing, Food or knowledge or love the precondition is broad-mind, outlook and attitude.

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