Saturday, 31 December 2011

Fighting against the things

True it is, fighting against the things which one will not like in life.. that attitude increase and continue and launches one in a sea of fighting the things. One realise it that there is no system with him to switch off the emotional fighting except withdrawing the energy and focus on that worrying emotion and its movement. Agonising over some emotional things is actually breathing into it and giving life to it for continuation of that unwanted fighting. One needs relief from this emotional fighting. But unawareness (maya) that envelops the mind. But indulgence of that mind takes away all the energy and good time of it. Ultimately the essential air of life is taken away with the emotions. One to decide and determine to give up and observe it evaporates naturally and disappears from the mind. For this deep immersion into the feeling of god and unbroken identity with him giving up the thought of body sense alone is required. The mind is to be diverted from the emotional feelings. It is true that the funny emotional feelings always over cloud the good spirit. It is to put the mind in right path and order it from emotions. The mind alone is the medium and place where cause - motion takes birth. One has to take care of his mind even before his body

Paravasam Dukham, Atmavasam Sukham

Krishnanda quoted Manu Smriti as: paravasam dukham, atmavasam sukham. Dependence is sorrow and independence is Joy. Humanity has its limitations & conditions and humans are born with diseases called sentiments and emotions etc., etc., If one think broadly all these relations are temporary... in the words of Krishnananda, some logs of wood on floating surface of water come together due to many factors in a river. But they do not go forever together. One has to see the relations in a particularly way i.e. the beings are present here in a perpetuity and flow of creation of god. That is indeed a great out look. Each and every word of Krishnanda is important. Knowing theory is not sufficient in my view. One has to import the meaning and essence of art of living with spirituality into mind also and has to implement it forthwith as per the advice and instructions of spiritual heads.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Budha Smiles..

Letter to Sri Ravi Kumar Sistla:

Dear Sir Ravi,

Budha Smiles…

To my last mail titled.. Old Age-Realisation of Ananda-What is? you replied stating..ananda of a seeker of moksha is also not permanent and that ananda ends with him on his death and cannot be known by others..

In this regard, I tried it again further to express my view here to some extent..

When nuclear test was conducted during BJP rule in Rajastan (Pokran) and when Taliban Rule was rooted out in Afganistan, I remember, the Budhist Monk from Tibet said that, “Budha Smiled”. These happened many years ago.

What is the connection between simple smile of Budha and Moksha? is the probable question!

I believe Budha is a liberated soul. He took birth on a particular mission to impart divine knowledge to ordinary humans that, ‘desire is the root cause of all sufferings on this earth. ‘Budha attained Moksha in his previous births itself. Just like all other incarnations, Budha also descended on this earth with particular purpose to push people from darkness to light that is towards knowledge. I thought so many years about the smile of Budha. What it would mean? What does it indicate? Whether that smile has got any correlation with his being as liberated person.

I got the clue few years back while I was reading the subject. I got sense to believe myself that Budha is a liberated person.

Generally everyone when enters this world from mother’s womb make a cry. Crying of a new born baby at the time of its birth is quite natural in our view. If there is no cry that is unnatural. Coming into this world with crying, that is taking a material form of life or birth or trying for breathing it might be.. it happens so with every human being.

If a new born baby won’t make any sound, noise or crying, the midwife or elder womenfolk may tease the baby by slapping or otherwise to make it cry to bring it into material life. Of course it is also to confirm that baby is alive perhaps. So, material lives of ordinary human beings start with crying only. They have to then make their struggles for happiness and liberation with knowledge for avoiding that crying in this world.

But in case of Budha, it so happened that Budha was smiling while entering into this world from his mother at the time of his birth indicating enough that he was born alive as well as he was liberated person. That was indication of his divinity.

So, a person who attains moksha and who learns to treat dukha and sukha and who finds no difference in both the states of happiness and unhappiness carries forward that legacy, his janma - samskara with him to next birth also. He takes birth as ‘Karana - Janma’.

So, I believe the state of happiness of a seeker of moksha may not end with him on his demise, but it goes further beyond his physical/material life and beyond that Janma and ultimately if at all it takes a birth again which then manifests then into a smile.

Further carrying forward of something from the present page to the next page to write it as brought forward happens not only in accounts but also occur in cycle of Janmas of deaths and births.

Did you like it and agree it sir?

Smiling and confident people are like an axis at the centre of a wheel. An axis is a static one (without movement) for our vision. It is our view only. But axis works in between the wheel and moving mass - object for its movement bearing the entire burden and without moving itself. Please imagine this. But, axis just like in attained moksha without the sense of pressure or no pressure, happiness or unhappiness works within and carry forward the movement of the entire body rested on it.

Is it not so sir?

The happiness of a Guru who attained moksha already do not end with him physically but even after his demise he shares the same happiness, peace, assurance and divine power from his Samadhi. SAI, Ramana, Ramakrishna or Jesus who ever it may be has thus assured us in their style. It is true for millions of people.

I am only a witness to this.. I do not speak with any other status to others.. I think I am giving evidence as a witness of the truth which I understand. God is the judge to decide whether it is viable. I have taken liberty sir with you. Please correct me and open up me and enlighten me further.

O’ God… let me kindly keep as a good witness before your creation and eternity to know you absolutely….

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Trial for Gita of Krishna

Really funny thing…even Bhagawan Krishna was also not spared and made to stand in a Dock of a Law Court at Tomsk which is a Siberian City in Russia. Bhagawad Gita is termed as a scripture that is promoting extremism and the concerned prosecutors are seeking ban of Gita. Is there no right to people of world to wage a dharma uddha or holy war against evil? Whether ban will avoid extremism and evil or promote it is my confusion.

However, some people have come to its rescue. It is welcoming statement from ambassador to India Alexander Kadakin who criticised the people at whose instance the case was booked as “madmen”. The entire world understands the “prema - tatwam” of Jejus but, I surprised the world failed to understanding the “Code of Conduct of life of humans” called Gita of Bhagwan Krishna. It is the bankruptcy of some missionary people who attempted to side tract the Hindu - divine aspects also. I feel they are against the good path of Jesus too.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Old Age-Realisation of Ananda-What is?

Letter to Sri Ravi Kumar Sistla:

Ravi Sir,

Every living being struggles for survival throughout. Life is after all a pursuit of ‘ananda’. Every one at every stage of life seeks ananda, joy, and desire it eagerly since happiness is necessary for sustenance of life. Happiness follows after some bitterness just like day follows the night. With some maturity of thought, one can never find fault with all this worldly struggle with fellow beings in nature. All this is natural in creation of God. 

In child hood it is natural children desire for chocolates and play with full liberty. In youthful days it is again

Friday, 9 December 2011

Holy centers of Temples and the illegal business activity..

It is an important topic raised by Guru China Jayyar Swamy. How far the holy centers of temples are useful to the society? Whether they are serving the purpose of promoting bhakthi or business of some greedy people. What kind of business to be allowed in those centers and what are to be prohibited? It is correct that people are going there like going to a club for material enjoyment and not for visualising divinity within.The very purpose of installing an idol and enshrinement of a temple is lost now a days. There is no security also for the pilgrimes. There is no wrong in drawing an idea from vatican city to keep up the dignity of our holy centers. The Places of temples are not tourist centers where, more business is developed using the rivers, hills, waterfalls and the beautiful nature. It is our sacred duty to protect the nature as well as divine centers and their holiness. Time has come to discuss on that topic by all and reaslise the truth.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Success is the realisation of one's True Identity

Recently it happened to see in one magazine an article which is titled ‘Success is the realization of one’s True Identity’. Really the subject is near to my guru-ramana’s subject. Simply I searched the point within my favourable ‘Ramanopadesa’.. The beautiful aspect is that… ‘at the core of our being we are divine’...

(Kaladanevadu Kalado ledo).. The being said to be existing…whether existing or not??? this is the feeling people entertain in their hard, stiff-necked times...

For this, one has to verify the 27th verse in Verses 40 and also Verse 20 of Upadesa Sara of Bhagwan. Ramana proposed the same thing that the divine element of every being is at one’s core point. What is divine element and what is the core point of a being???

Verse 27 of Verse 40. 

The non emergence of the ‘I’ (ego-aham) is the state of being THAT (Divine element). Without seeking and attaining the place (core) whence the ‘I’ emerges, how is one to achieve self-extinction—the non-emergence of the ‘I’? Without that achievement, how is one to abide as THAT—one’s true state?

So there is no use of questioning ourselves—The being said to be existing…whether existing or not?

Ramana indeed questioned it wonderfully ..sir..

He gave a clue thus…To destroy the ego the source of its emergence has to be sought and retained as the real state. Here the real state can be inferred as ‘True Identity’..

Verse 20 of Upadesa…

Ahami nasabha.. jyaha mahanthaya..Spurathi hruthswayam.. paramapoornasath..

When jeeva>ahankara is totally extinguished and disappeared!.. When the body and self- bheda - bhava is removed completely!.. Then the SELF (divine), glowing SELF element will come to our experience (anubhuthi, mood, sentiment) naturally.. 

These things are always better to understand only personally rather than other ways of hearing and reading. Reading helps a lot to find ways and to know things. Our problems are also our teachers. Some emotions, feelings and experiences cannot be expressed in words.. 

The true Identity is certainly the divine element within a being which is the driving force for successful life.. The success is nothing but seeing the God in the form our realization..

Jnana is the only way and requirement of life

Dear friend,

Word of ‘Bhagwan’ is easily Defined but difficult to reach…..Practice under guidance of guru helps..True it is…

Attainment of Jnana is not the work of minutes, days, years, a janma (single birth), but of Janmas (numerous births). God made it his game to play with his creation of nature and give the results after long…

Purification of mind is always our aim. Simple ceremony of baptism or sprinkling of manthra Jal on head which is compared to Jnana Sthanam (sacred bath) is not achieved permanently. It is just like Darsan of Temple God with a feeling of purification of mind for few moments. So, Jnana sthanana of the mind is only possible with practice for long with concerned inquiry which is also the ‘anugraha’ of the real being. 

I feel it is not wrong on our part to think that we advanced in this way to some extent to know at least something of the subject that Jnana is the only way and requirement of life.. then, the goal is near to us undoubtedly. Let the Zeel of driving ‘Red Bull’ like Sebastian Vettel enter into us to race and chase the Victory of Grand Prix of Jnana/knowledge. Life is nothing but driving… for worth striving for knowledge in our way. 

With regards..

Your friend..

Destiny Of Life

Silence is only for keeping the mind calm and cool, not for keeping mum..... that is why when others keep silence with us we feel unconnected.

Seeing to-morrow directly and having no sense of to-day is an illusion (rightly said). ‘Tomorrow’ is really a writing on a wall and kills all the present days without work. Better to-morrow is a future in expectation for which the foundation lies to-day itself.

Children laugh with hearts, whereas, the elders laugh facially as statesmen. The word ‘Infinite happiness’ I liked it more because childrens’ laugh is very pure and do not know the perplexities / ‘mayas’ of the world.

Does the heart die when it do not find a person to share the feelings? 

I once started fabric painting, 14 years back and showed a piece of my art to my Tailor, then he told me the same thing..that, if any one stand by my side while working with my art and appreciate it by sharing the value of the same, then my talent will come out more perfectly out of confidence and my interest would also grow... Our works some time require outside support for getting perfection in the initial stage at least..Your quotation is so nice and I got the old thing in my mind Sir..

“Love” cannot be explained in words...

Tears will certainly would come out when one miss a person whom, never wanted to miss because of bondage of love....

It is proper to give credit to those who have atleast, tried to understand one though not perfectly... just like a pearl.

Without sharing problems of life and without being helped by others it is very difficult to live Sir... Life is easier only when we also share and observe the problems of this world interestingly or with compassion.

Walking with someone we forget our mind for some time but while coming back alone the mind returns and makes it difficult to be alone....

It is true unity in diversity of friendship... only with sinking the differences they can remain friends...

Two multifold functioning of sun i.e. melts the ice as well as hardens the clay...(both happen out of same nature of HEAT) ... likewise.. a particular person may be true to one but not to another... in his multifold functioning...with the same nature of his honesty...

Long back, I, started thinking that people are coming to me only for my service, but not that I am grand. When my service stops they also stop coming to me. Natural that it is.. candle is required immediately in power failure. It is also possible that candle may be thrown out when power returns. Candle (life) also melt down and end finally giving light to the surroundings. That is only the purpose of this life. 

A Driving School instructor just teaches driving on road as well as in busy traffics for some time, but after the driving school experience, the driver and the vehicle remain on road. Then the road picks up the responsibility of teaching lessons to the driver and also to the vehicle. Parents give birth to children,, for some time they could care, but the ultimate business of moulding of life is very well in the hands of those children.. no one can help except the lone struggle of perfecting the things in any body’s life. 

Out of personality and character.. in between the two.. one should know to estimate the later element.

A child learn to stand up and try to walk, but immediately may fall..but that child will not stop there...but try again the same thing of raising but this endeavor picks up as experience with life. 

Both White and Black keys make music of a Piano. Both difficulties and pleasures make a life. Time is made up of light and darkness; day and night...

Yes, sir,, we some times, shock at seeing the bend and fear it is an end (death) itself. Some times we misunderstand the rope in darkness and panic it to be a deadly SNAKE (death). But the ‘Awareness of Reality’ is only GOD which assures life properly (returned to our main subject).

Dream is not real, just like writing on water..but picking up a dream and trying to transcending it to reality is our life”s endeavour....

Feel not loneliness! Think not..that no one is understanding you! No... no.. not hate life itself...... just see the nature as an opportunity which is always ready to care you and stand by you like a mother in your tenderness..... 

Creating harmoneous atmosphere make every thing perfect, instead of furthering problems and misunderstanding.. while making a best relationship.

Misunderstanding.... like a drop of poison in a milk pot spoils all the relationship in a world of family.

Really, care is sweet at the receiving end.. really caring people stay in hearts forever..till the end. Care is prana.. care is breathing as it is life’s support. Nature cares everyone but people who have good nature in them care others and let others live with confidence. It is good with you sir.

It is worderfull to know ocean and life. Is it easy and easy to cross the ocean but overcoming life and love is not? Yes, sir, love and life generate many oceans in one’s own eyes. 

Being friends always is a luck.

Life’s examination is direct without any class room and classes and learning. I hope life’s prepared-knowledge to face life’s examination comes in the form of “Past Karma” from previous Janmas also for some people, since they are thriving well in the present life-examination. 

Affection cannot be counted when it is mutual but it is measured when one ignored it but when it continued from the other end.

Never loose the true results in turning bankrupt......

From mind,,thoughts,,from thoughts,,,purpose,,,from purpose to actions from actions to habits,,, habits form into character and character decides destiny...sir, sir,,,,it is very lengthy process sir, very difficult to follow and also taking it step by step. Please give a direct route at what ever cost it is!