Saturday, 31 December 2011

Fighting against the things

True it is, fighting against the things which one will not like in life.. that attitude increase and continue and launches one in a sea of fighting the things. One realise it that there is no system with him to switch off the emotional fighting except withdrawing the energy and focus on that worrying emotion and its movement. Agonising over some emotional things is actually breathing into it and giving life to it for continuation of that unwanted fighting. One needs relief from this emotional fighting. But unawareness (maya) that envelops the mind. But indulgence of that mind takes away all the energy and good time of it. Ultimately the essential air of life is taken away with the emotions. One to decide and determine to give up and observe it evaporates naturally and disappears from the mind. For this deep immersion into the feeling of god and unbroken identity with him giving up the thought of body sense alone is required. The mind is to be diverted from the emotional feelings. It is true that the funny emotional feelings always over cloud the good spirit. It is to put the mind in right path and order it from emotions. The mind alone is the medium and place where cause - motion takes birth. One has to take care of his mind even before his body

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