Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Breathing, Thought & the Mind

Our breathing is involuntary. It runs in sleep also without any effort. Thought is voluntary. In sleep one has no thought. The thought occurs to mind is known to every one. But the origin of the thought certainly is prana (life) which is at breathing. Without breathing there is no thought. One may check and test it by stopping breathing. If breathing is stopped / pressed down with control for some time, then it can be observed that the thought is arrested. The Prana (life) then struggles to sustain. The immediate task of body with prana (life) is to open up the breathing. Meanwhile the thought comes to stand still. Every human has perceived it that prana (life) and thought have a link. We have link with earth and pancha bhoothas (five earthly forces). Similarly our senses have connection and link with the five bhoothas.

So, if voluntary thought is allowed to run with involuntary breathing freely without any limitation and control, the thought is corrupted and becomes deceitful too. The body has no ‘I’ sense (it is jada). Mind alone has the idea of ‘I’ sense. The grown up thought (feeling) with the strength of breathing air enters into the mind. The original form of mind is very pure. Take the case of a new born baby for instance. The baby won’t have any aims or intentions except the natural urge to satisfy its thrust and hunger. The grown up is not like that, with his uncontrolled feelings and thought in his mind, he is already influenced by some thing unwanted in the world. Irregular & undisciplined thought process spoils the mind and career and livelihood of humans.

From thought and with badly influenced mind the actions result and the body get odd commands to spoil the personality. So the origin of breathing and its flow to be observed and its linking point with thought is to be sealed first. To run the breathing independently without any unwanted and harming thought is quite necessary for a healthy mind. We wash our hands to handle food. Like that the breathing to be kept very clean without being spoiled by any thing else for better living, not only from bad odor, but also, from bad thought and bad information. We keep a security guard to check an unwanted guy from entering the office building. In our mind also an element is there to watch all the on going affairs from breathing point up to the mind point. Such an element to be activated always so that it keeps like a guard, an eye over every thing just like a hidden camera to find the movement of odds within. Humans have to brighten their inside system to check the mind from being influenced and swayed away by some thing strange to their career. The correct form of breathing is ‘ooooommkara’ which nourishes the mind and protects its original purity. The result must.. every good that happen. For those who meditate.. the above may be useful. ‘Atma vichara’ is quite essential for humans which help to reach the soul.

Note:- The message does not mean coming to office in saffron dresses with 'T' shaped arm rests (kamandalas) and sit and earn without any thought and work. We don't tolerate such things.

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