Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Some truths about Life and God

  • Troubled person only waits for peace and ananda. God is not engaged in giving ananda to one and dukha to other.
  • It does't matter with ignorance but one has to pay heavy price with pretension of knowledge.
  • Desire gives rise to fear also. Both desire and fear are enemies of happiness.
  • It's true that grace of God is essential for dyana but sadhana is quite essential.
  • Moksha is only living with peace and nirvikara.
  • Experience of soul is not possible without continuous consciousness of it.
  • You and me a mere concept, without that where is HE.
  • For dark and gloomy night of ignorance soul searching itself is Sunrise.
  • There is no greater ornament than 'vinayam'.
  • When we can't accept the shortfalls, we can't remain friends also.
  • Default is a deep sea. We are not aware of its depth. Even a small lapse also results in heavy loss.
  • We have to tell about our good and bad to others. If we tell only good and conceal bad, then our fortune account remains with debit balance only.