Saturday, 31 December 2011

Paravasam Dukham, Atmavasam Sukham

Krishnanda quoted Manu Smriti as: paravasam dukham, atmavasam sukham. Dependence is sorrow and independence is Joy. Humanity has its limitations & conditions and humans are born with diseases called sentiments and emotions etc., etc., If one think broadly all these relations are temporary... in the words of Krishnananda, some logs of wood on floating surface of water come together due to many factors in a river. But they do not go forever together. One has to see the relations in a particularly way i.e. the beings are present here in a perpetuity and flow of creation of god. That is indeed a great out look. Each and every word of Krishnanda is important. Knowing theory is not sufficient in my view. One has to import the meaning and essence of art of living with spirituality into mind also and has to implement it forthwith as per the advice and instructions of spiritual heads.

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